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Benefits of Buying a Dog from a Registered Breeder

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benefits-of-pure-breed-dogsRegistered Breeder Dogs

If you have been considering the purchase of a new dog, you have likely seen numerous articles that extol the virtues of adoption over buying from a registered dog breeder. While there is a lot of merit to such arguments, the fact is that sometimes specific dog breeds may not be available for adoption.

If you have made the decision to seek out dogs for sale rather than adoption, there are some important points to keep in mind. First and foremost, understand that not everyone who hangs a sign reading “puppies for sale” is a registered dog breeder.

While there may be good reasons to buy rather than adopt, there is never a good reason to support puppy mills. That is why it is important to deal only with registered dog breeders.

Registered breeders answer to a controlling bodies such as the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). While each group will have its own rules, most include regulations about the treatment of the dogs. Also, breeders are encouraged to maintain certain standards when it comes to the breed of dog they sell.

See below for just some of the benefits that come with buying only from registered dog breeders.


Anyone can hang a “beagle puppies for sale” sign on his porch. That doesn’t make him a true breeder. Many people don’t realise the deplorable conditions in which puppy mill puppies are born. Often, they are taken away from their mothers much too soon. This can lead to future health, as well as behavioural, problems. Remember, disreputable breeders care only about the money. The health of the puppies for sale means nothing to most of them.


Some novices are interested in getting into show dogs, so they answer an ad for dogs for sale and buy what they are told is a great show dog. While it might be a purebred pup, there is a good chance that it will not be up to show dog standards. As mentioned earlier, registered dog breeders answer to a governing body. This helps ensure that the breeder is selling puppies that most closely match the breed standards. If there is any chance that you are interested in showing your dog, buying from a registered breeder is the only choice.


Of course, every type of purebred will have registered breeders. No reputable breeder is going to sell every breed of dog. Instead, they will specialise in one – maybe two – breeds. This allows for a vast knowledge about the breed which can be passed on to you.


Puppy mill dogs are often kept in barbaric conditions. Many of the breeder dogs never see the light of day. Many never step foot out of their cages. This is something that is difficult to fathom, but it is the sad reality. When you buy a dog from a puppy mill rather than from registered dog breeders, there is a chance that you are supporting such activities. A good dog breeder is going to allow you to visit and see the conditions in which the dogs are kept. Anyone with dogs for sale who will not allow you to visit should be considered suspect.

If you made the choice to buy instead of adopt, be sure to use a registered dog breeder. The benefits will far outweigh the price you’ll pay.


There are many great dog breeder resources online for you to use and help you to decide whether a pure bred dog is suitable for your circumstance.  In addition to Where Pets Are Found, we also recommend visiting the following sites:

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