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Living With Cats

While dogs are most always eager to please their owners, living with cats offers the owners less adoration, but just as much love.

Cats tend to be less willing to fall all over themselves to get to you.  If you call a dog, he is likely to come running, tail wagging and eager to please.  Cats on the other hand may or may not come when you beckon.  It depends entirely on their mood.

Some people are annoyed by the fact that cats do not bend to every whim of their owner, while others enjoy the facts that cats seem have an air of superiority about them that makes them seem confident and almost regal.

Living with cats does involve some work.  You’ll need to clean the litter box, provide food and water, make trips to the vet and be sure the cat is well-groomed.  When you first bring home your new pet, you’ll need to be sure she is trained and that all her vaccinations are in order.

You’ll need to clean up the occasional mess on the carpet, and – probably more than once – you’ll scream in frustration because she has decided to use your furniture as a scratching post.

Still, for all of the work involved in caring for your cat, you will be repaid in full when she curls up on your feet, keeping them toasty warm on a cold winter night.  When she rubs lovingly against your legs as you are preparing dinner, you’ll be reminded that all of the work and frustration is worth it.

Living with cats is, in many ways, less work than living with dogs. You won’t need to take them on walks, they don’t need a yard to play in and they are happy to just romp around the house, eating and spending much of day snoozing.

Living with cats is a way to inject your life with endless humour and love.  Not bad for the price of some kitty litter and kibble.

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