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Lost Pet Guide TAS

Who to Contact if You Lose Your Pet in Tasmania

The following details the various animal welfare, shelters and organisations that you should contact if you lose your pet in Tasmania.


Web:  http://www.rspcatas.org.au

Address:  63 Remount Road, Mowbray TAS 7248
Mail to:  PO Box 66, Mowbray TAS 7248
Email:  rspca@rspcatas.org.au

(Most have a Lost & Found Register; however, the role of the RSPCA varies in each State and Territory. Some contract to the Council; others hold lost pets temporarily until collected by Council)

– RSPCA Launceston operates the Launceston City Dogs’ Home (Pound) on behalf of the City Council. Lost a Dog in the Launceston area – call RSPCA on (03) 6332 8282.

– RSPCA Hobart – (03) 6244 3033; 553 Pass Road, Mornington,Tas,7018.

– RSPCA Devonport – (03) 6427 2566; 108 Tarleton Road, Spreyton, Tas, 7310.

– RSPCA Burnie (Stray dogs are referred to the Burnie Dogs’ Home) – (03) 6431 3561207; Mount Street, Burnie,7320.


Phone: (03) 6243 5177

Web: http://www.dogshomesoftas.com.au


Phone:  (03) 6243 5177

(If you lose your dog ring the above number immediately. The Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Brighton municipalities.)


Phone: (03) 6431 6199

(If you lose your dog ring the above number immediately. The Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Burnie, Waratah and Wynard councils.)


Phone: (03) 6427 2178

(If you lose your dog ring the above number immediately. The Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Devonport, Latrobe and Kentish councils.)


Phone:  (03) 6278 2111

Web:  http://www.hobartcatcentre.com.au

Address: 12 Self’s Point Road, New Town TAS 7008

CAR (Central Animals Record)

Phone: (03) 9706 3187

Web: http://www.car.com.au

(Microchip registry; 24/7; animal recovery service for lost or stolen companion animals)

10 Responses to “Lost Pet Guide TAS”

  1. Wayne Smillie on January 17, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

    hi i have lost my dog jedda he is shih tzu
    if you find him please call 0414639126

    • Hi Wayne
      If you’d like your pet Shih Tzu featured on our site please Post an Ad via the orange button on our front page.
      That profile can be shared to your email contacts & across all social media by us & anyone.
      We have a large community of supporters across Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Instagram tumblr etc. We share to our community on a daily basis and we also rank very highly on google. We’d love to help you search for Jedda.

  2. Hi….2 dogs roaming the streets in Burnie…in Bird st Burnie…2 dogs are now on the back yard at 121 Bird st….I saw my neighbours put the dogs on their backyard. 1 tan bulldog and 1 dark brown staffy (I think )….the neighbours are home …if you knock on their front door they will give you the dogs.

    • Hi Joanne
      Are these dogs still at your neighbours?
      If you’d like to list them as Found please Register and Post an Ad (for free). I will then share their profile across ALL social media for you to hopefully find their owners. You, me & anyone can share their profile/ad page to email contacts (eg your Vet’s database), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Digg, Tumblr & other blogs.
      Kind regards

  3. Found: a black kitten in Camdale, near Cemetery in Burnie. Phone 64334001

    • Hi Bronwyn,
      I can campaign this Kitten across ALL social media for you if you could please create a listing. Register/Login and Post an Ad, choose Found for $0 (so it’s free) and then I’ll get to work.
      Thanks for keeping this kitten safe.
      Best wishes,

  4. Hi!
    I’ve Lost – Two maltese/cross silky terriers
    Both aged 8 years approx.
    Sex – male and female (from the same litter)
    Names: ‘’Jasper’’ (the male dog) and ‘’Sooty’’ (the female dog)

    Colour – The male is predominately white with light black patches on him.
    The female is black and tan. She looks like a pure Silky Terrier.
    Lost where? From Mason Street, Ulverstone (near Simplot)
    Lost when? – Thursday 26/1/17, (Australia Day), at approx. 7.20 pm.
    Last seen heading from Mason Street, into Marion St, and then into Riverside Avenue, alongside the Leven River.

    I have one possible clue, as to the dogs’ whereabouts. Could the lady who brought my white dog (Jasper) into the Ulverstone Vetinary Clinic, at 54 Alexandra Rd, Ulverstone TAS 7315, on Friday, at approx. 10.30 am, to have his identity checked, please recontact the Vet or contact me by phone – 64259431. I went into the same Vet at around 2.00, on the same day, and the employee recognised my dog from the photos I showed her. Although a chip could not be located, the Vet employee said that chips can move to other parts of the dog’s body, or even exit the body after a few years. The vet employee said that the person who found my dog had clipped Jasper’s hair, as it would have been knotty and dirty, from chasing wallabies or rabbits alongside the river’s edge.

    • Hi Barry
      Did you ever find your Dogs?
      Let me know if you’d like to Post an Ad with us and we will campaign across all social media for you.

  5. I have lost my small black cat she is 10yrs old .last seen 29th March in back garden of my home at 107. Pine Rd Penguin Tas ..her name is ROSIE Rosi

    Please help. reward given for any information ..

    I have tried to put a picture on facebook but I cant get it to eork any help would be appreciated thank you Jean Hollies ..

    • Hi Jean,
      Sorry to read about Rosie. Have you Registered on our site to Post an Ad?
      I campaign daily across ALL social media for you once you have created a page for your pet.
      I can Register you with your email address if you’d like me to?
      Kind regards

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