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Adopting a Puppy

Puppy Adoption Advice – Training

If you want to feel the true meaning of unconditional love, adopt a puppy. Rambunctious, goofy, cute and affectionate are just some of the words you can use to describe a puppy. Nonetheless, there is also a serious side to puppy love – they can grow up to become large, energetic and wilful adult dogs. The good news is that you can shape them to become well-behaved adults. In order to avoid behavioural problems, it is important you start working with them early on in the peace rather than later.


One of the first things you will encounter when you adopt a puppy is the need for house training. By house training, it is meant that they do their number ones and twos in the right places. Each puppy is different. You will encounter some that require little coaxing whilst others will take longer to get the general gist of the idea.


Once you’ve worked out house training after you adopt a puppy, it is time to move on to obedience training. You need to start shaping your puppy’s behaviour now for the future. It depends how far you want your training to go. Safety should be the first priority in mind. For example, teach the puppy not to jump upon greeting people. This can be very dangerous, especially around the older or the very young. Another important command to teach your puppy is sit, stay or drop. This will prevent a dangerous incident in the future. It is essential that the puppy knows to stay upon command rather than run into a threat.


Remember, puppies grow into adult dogs. What you once considered cute, can turn into a behavioural nightmare. If you want a well-behaved dog, start training your puppy young. It will be the best investment you’ll ever make. In terms of places where you can look to adopt a puppy, don’t go past ourĀ adopt listings – an excellent tool for connecting those who are looking to adopt with those who have puppies for adoption.

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