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Adopting a Kitten

Kitten Adoption Advice

If you are ever looking to adopt a kitten, you should be aware of a number of factors that are necessary in order to create a healthy and happy cat. Firstly, however, it is essential to find a medium that will provide the perfect kitten for you.


At the outset, you need to find a reputable and caring owner or organisation that is seeking individuals to adopt a kitten. First of all, search ourĀ adopt listings forĀ pets that are wanted/available for adoption. Organisations, such as the RSPCA or your local Council, also house pets that are available for adoption.


In terms of health considerations when looking to adopt a kitten, consider its worming, vaccination and desexing history or future requirements. Worming is extremely important in kittens as infestation can rapidly lead to death. They also differ to adult cats in terms of the type of worming and frequency of worming required. Kittens usually require worming every two weeks until they are three months old. After three months, they are then wormed every month until they are six months old. Following six months, kittens are wormed at the same rate as adult cats – every three months.


Consider vaccination needs when you adopt a kitten. It is necessary for kittens to receive their first vaccination at the age of eight weeks. At three months they receive another shot and annually after that. There are also different levels of vaccinations you should consider depending upon whether you keep your cats inside or out.


Kittens are one of the cutest pets. They offer so much in terms of affection and enjoyment. Remember to provide the best care for your adopted kitten and keep its vaccinations and worming up to date.

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