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3 Responses to “#LOST Black long haired #Cat, #Reservoir #Melbourne 3073 #VIC”

  1. Hi, tonight a cat came up to me after getting out of my car around 25 Gilmour St Coburg. It followed me into my garage, at first I thought it was my cat as its all black and part longhair as was this cat I however upon seeing it in my garage it was extremely thin and starving, so it ate heaps of my cats food which is kept in my garage but then swiftly ran out the garage again after having a massive feed. I noticed the cat had a blue collar on but not sure if it’s male or female. Just saw this post so thought I’d see if it could be yours as it looks as though it’d been starving for over a month?! Either way I will keep an eye out for it and make sure I keep it inside as I’d hate for it to be out there starving 🙁

    • Hi Melissa
      Apologies, it looks like the response I sent via mobile on Sunday didn’t transmit!?
      Have you emailed the owner via the Contact Form? I don’t see these due to privacy laws.
      Has this kitty returned again?
      Thanks for making contact,

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Can you let me know if you have caught that black cat you found, please?

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