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11 Responses to “#LOST Brown and White Border Collie #Dog, Windsor Road #Vineyard 2765 #NSW”

  1. I saw Pippin walk down the cycle way about 7:30am on 2/1/16. Covered in mud and looking happy. She was near the Bushes Dog Food (I remember this As she looked happy) . So near Nelson road, BOX HILL. She was walking in the direction of Rouse Hill. I’ll see if I still have on dash cam.

    • Thanks so much Braden,
      It does sound like Pippin, did you find it on dash cam?
      There have been 3 sightings of her since Saturday and the latest was near the Vineyard Hotel at 10.30am on Monday, 4 January.
      Thank you for letting us know about your sighting and the fact that Pippin seemed happy.
      Best wishes

      • Hi admin,

        I checked my dash cam and the footage had already looped over it. I’ve looked at the photos and as a BC owner myself I did have a good look at her as she trotted down the road.

        They’re a smart breed, so I have my fingers crossed she’ll ask for help soon.

        • Yes Braden you are so right! Very clever, she’ll show herself when she gets hungry – in fact there have been a number of sightings not far from where she went missing so hopefully she’s just hiding from the rain at the moment! No worries about your dash cam. I passed on the lead and FDDC said this married up with another sighting.
          Thanks for your help, if you have time to be involved in the search please contact John on the number above in Pippin’s profile.
          Kind regards

    • Hi Braden
      I noticed a comment on fbk re a sighting and just wanted to check if it was typed by you as Don Brae and if in fact it is the same sighting you advised above.
      “I saw Pippin happily walk down Windsor Road Nelson at 07:30 am 2/1/16. I told the owner.”
      Please let me know, thanks again for your help.

  2. Has she been found yet? I saw the post on Facebook and as an owner of a border collie I really feel for the owners! I have also had my dog boarded at box hill. So it made me a little concerned. How did she get out?

    • Hi Hannah

      All information and updates are available on the Farmer Dave Dog Centre Facebook Page:

      The last update was at 8am this morning, 11 January 2016:
      “With many sightings, dozens of amazing volunteer searchers, a full time search coordinator, many scented clothing drops and her entire family out yesterday we still not have located Pippin. The search continues if you are able to assist please call John on 0428197254.”

      Thanks for making contact

  3. Just wanted to say that I know the scented clothing drops have worked. My parents lost their dog for days well away from their home, in another state for that matter. My dad didn’t leave the area until their dog was found. My dad slept in his car and their dog found him and jumped through the window. They will smell you 🙂 good luck!

  4. so, she has never been found?

    • Hi Liz
      No, she hasn’t been found yet. There have been a few false sightings unfortunately.
      We hope she is still out there & surviving. Please share her page to your social media accounts to help keep her on people’s radars. thanks for your interest,

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