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Fostering Saves Lives

Dog shelters, cat shelters and other animal rescue groups all over the world are in desperate need of loving people who are interested in fostering cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets.  Many rescue groups would love to be able to help find permanent homes for more of these animals, but cannot because there is no one to care for them until they are adopted.

Pet Fostering

That is where pet fostering comes in.  People agree to care for rescue shelter pets that are in need of a home until a permanent home is found.  Depending on the rescue group you choose to work with, most of the expenses may be covered.

Daily Care

You will handle the daily care, such as feeding and bathing, and the group will work on finding permanent homes for the animals.  You may be asked to allow people who are interested in adopting the animals to visit them in your home.  You may also be required to attend the shelter with the pet for prospective adoption interviews.

Save a Pet

Because dog shelters and cat shelters are often so overcrowded, people fostering dogs and cats are sometimes the only chance they have.  Many pets that are euthanized each year may have been saved if there were more people who were willing to foster them until a permanent home was found.

Consider helping some rescue shelter pets in this special way.  You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to help homeless pets – each pet you foster makes way for another pet to be saved from death row.

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If you have a Fostering story please tell us about it in the comments.  Feel free to leave a link to any articles you would like to share about Fostering, so that our community can be better informed.

18 Responses to “Fostering Saves Lives”

  1. I haven’t fostered an animal myself, but I know that it makes a huge difference. I love this story of a dog that a photographer fostered: http://www.dailydogtag.com/photography/pawsitively-amazing-fostering-makes-a-difference/

  2. I have been a foster parent for many years and have loads of stories! I’ve documented many at http://www.lapdogcreations.com/

  3. There is no doubt that Fostering Saves Lives! I have fostered several dogs over the last few years. I love to foster! It’s so much fun to have a new pet in the house, fun for me and fun for my own dogs as well. It’s great socialization for all the dogs too! It’s really rewarding, especially when you see the dog or cat flourish under your care and you advocate to help them get adopted into a loving home. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but knowing that fostering saves lives and that adopting a foster to a family makes room for one more rescue makes it all worth it! There are many reasons why a dog or cat might need to spend a period of time with a foster family. Each case and each pet is different. Here are 3 blog posts I’ve written based on my foster experiences:
    I wrote about fostering shelter pets in general in this post: COULD YOU FOSTER A DOG TO SAVE HIS LIFE? http://dogsluvusandweluvthem.blogspot.com/2014/05/could-you-foster-dog-to-save-his-life.html
    This is the story of Rudy, the foster I fell madly in love with and almost couldn’t give up: MY FAVORITE FOSTER; RUDY’S STORY http://dogsluvusandweluvthem.blogspot.com/2014/03/my-favorite-foster-rudys-story.html
    Many shelters even have opportunities to foster a dog for just one day! COULD YOU FOSTER A DOG FOR ONE DAY? http://bit.ly/2a4mn2B If your local shelter doesn’t have a Day Foster program, be a Pioneer and ask how you can help them start one! Thanks for putting the spotlight on Fostering, Anne, it’s such an important way to help shelter and rescue pets!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. I have never fostered and don’t think this season is right for me, but my best friend has started fostering dogs. She really likes it. I’m a horse girl so I dream of being able to have my own land someday and being able to take in retired racehorses.

  5. Thank you for fostering and volunteering. It is such an important service.

  6. I’ve only fostered once and it was for an Eclectus Parrot. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with her. She came to me with no toys and had plucked out many of her feathers. When she left me she left with new words she learned to speak, a boat load of toys, the appreciation of the taste of delicious fruits and veggies, the best food and newly grown feathers. She will always hold a special place in my heart ❤

  7. I truly admire those who can foster dogs and cats.

  8. We have often enjoyed fostering seniors – some even end up staying with us! We have found seniors just so easy to foster and care for, we highly recommend fostering to anyone who can do it!

  9. Some of the international students at school foster. That way they can enjoy a companion animal, help a rescue, and not have the long-term committment of a pet when the time comes for them to return home. It looks like people have shared some great links also!

  10. I’ve fostered before. I don’t know if we’ll foster again anytime soon but I’m looking into volunteer shelter dog training programs.

  11. I have just a very small article about fostering, but next week, my new foster dog arrives, so I’m planning on doing an in-depth article!!

    If you are interested: http://www.puppytalesstudio.com/single-post/2016/05/18/Foster-Family-1

  12. We only fostered once – and failed thrice. It’s my proudest failure, giving Charlie, Max and Ava their forever homes.

  13. We are a big foster family. Two of our current crew of four pets were former foster animals that stayed with us. I hope to start fostering again soon. I like to foster older animals or those who are at the end of life. Such an amazing experience to help senior and hospice dogs and cats get out of shelters and into homes.

  14. I started out fostering Kilo the Pug and then adopted him. My daughter and other students fostered kittens at Uni. I know lots of wonderful volunteers who foster regularly. I recommend it as a great way to have the joy of a pet short term and help animals in need. However, I still recommend doing lots of research and due diligence so you are prepared and did a post on this http://talenthounds.ca/news/rescues-adoptions-news/13-helpful-questions-to-ask-before-you-foster-a-dog-in-need/

  15. I commend all the people that foster. They save the lives of so many animals!

  16. The DIY Dog Mom on September 9, 2016 @ 1:37 am

    Fostering is so important but it is also hard work! You have to be prepared and in the right mindset. Thank you for sharing this so it gets the conversation started and gets some people interested in fostering!

  17. I used to foster all the time! It was truly rewarding (but also part of the reason I ended up with so many pets….foster failure). Now, I try to help rescues in other ways, such as social shares, fundraisers, and helping find compatible homes!

  18. So glad that there are now many organizations and individuals who come and lend a helping hand for these beautiful homeless pets. I wish there would be more in every city.

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