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3 Responses to “#FindPenne #LOST Green Amazon #Parrot, fled Fire on 2/19/17, #Norwalk #CT 06851 #Connecticut #USA”

  1. Hi Sharon
    We are listing Penne in many locations including these two.
    Thanks for the suggestion, we hope to see you on our social networks sharing our posts for Penne.
    Kind regards

  2. I am in central Connecticut and I am owned by a Yellow Nape myself and also a B&G Macaw so I totally understand. I also lost a Red Lored Amazon back in 03 in the state of Georgia so I really feel for you. I will keep my eyes open and pray the she is recovered. I’ll be sure to get my girl talking outside so maybe Penne will answer her. Good luck in your search.
    Take care,

    • Hi Amy
      Thank you so much for your message regarding Penne.
      He has been missing since February now, so I’m interested in your experienced view knowing Amazons and also the condition in CT. Given Penne fled a house fire in the depths of winter, do you think he will have migrated far or stayed in the area?
      Kind regards

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