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#Budweiser highlight how easy a #Puppy can get #Lost…. #SuperBowl

Blog, Fun, Happy Tails, Pet Advice January 29, 2015

GoDaddy lose out trying to promote a Buddy of their own.

Social media went into overdrive today in response to the #GoDaddyPuppy TVC ad made for the SuperBowl in the USA.  It highlighted a number of negative messages around pet transportation, puppy breeders and selling pets online.  Thankfully GoDaddy have pulled the ad, after garnering much attention and free publicity, and they have a back up plan to put to air.

The best back up plan I think GoDaddy should deploy is running the #TheLucyBowl PSA created by The Lucy Pet Foundation; to highlight the terrible practise of euthanasia and encouraging people to save pet lives through adoption from rescue shelters.  I initially suggested to the CEO & CMO of GoDaddy that they could repurpose their ad by re-shooting the end; with the puppy being scanned for a microchip and being reunited with its family via a site like WherePetsAreFound.com.  I now realise this would be too similar to Budweiser’s theme, so I hope they do put their money behind The Lucy Pet Foundation.

While it doesn’t involve the internet or the power of social media, the Budweiser “Lost Dog” ad does highlight a number of ways in which a pet can get lost.  I encourage everyone to watch it and be mindful of how easily they could lose their pets… Well done Budweiser for increasing public awareness of the risks.

You can see the Budweiser “Lost Dog” SuperBowl TVC ad here.

You can see The Lucy Pet Foundation #TheLucyBowl PSA here.

If you want to see how other Dogs viewed the Budweiser “Lost Dog” SuperBowl TVC head over to BarkPost.

And, if you want to join Dogs of the world in the search for Buddy, the Budweiser “Lost Dog” from the SuperBowl TVC here are some ideas of what you can do via BarkPost.

If you want to suggest alternatives to the GoDaddy team, or RT mine, have a look at my tweetstream at www.Twitter.com/PetsAreFound for their twitter handles.

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